Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick N' Easy Appams

Antara invited me and Amogh for a play date as it was very hot outside.
She invited Samaira and Daran with their moms as well. So quickly thought of making appams for kids. It's a very simple recipe that has all the ingredients available at hand.

You Require:
Rice flour : 1/2 cup
Semolina(rava or sooji): 1/2 cup
Potato: One small(boiled and mashed)
Carrot: One small(grated)
Bicarbonate of soda: 1/3 tsp.
Red Chilly Powder/Black pepper Powder: as preferred(very small qty.)
Sugar: 1/4 tsp.
Yogurt: Two tbsp.
Salt to taste
Water as required

In a mixing bowl put rice flour and semolina. Add potato and carrot. Mix well with clean hands.
Now add chilly powder/pepper powder,salt sugar and yogurt. Add water stirring the mixture. The consistency of the mixture should be that of a thick cake batter. Finally add bicarbonate of soda. Let the mixture rest for ten minutes. Heat the appam patra on the stove and put little oil in each cavity. pour the batter with a small spoon and cover. Let it sit for three-five minutes on medium heat .Remove the lid and turn the appams. Roast for three-five minutes on the other side as well. Use little oil if required. Serve with condiments,ketchups, chutneys or even daal!!

MeriRasoi Recipe Variation:
You could skip the potato if you do not have one boiled at that very moment.
Carrot is also optional and you could also add veggies like sweet corn kernels, finely cut green beans or even boiled spinach!!
Do add cilantro and green chillies if making without veggies!!

MeriRasoi Tip(s):
1.Once the appam patra is heated keep it on a medium heat throughout.
2. Do not overload the batter with too much of veggies.
3. Make sure that the yogurt you are using is not very sour and tangy.

The Verdict:
Super yummy and healthy!!
Enjoyed even by all the mommies and my hubby!!

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can we use any alternative to yogurt?